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Our company won ISO quality management system certificate

Recently our company passed the certification audit by Beijing Zhongjing Quality Certification Co., Ltd. (ZJQC). Our company kept paying great attention to the products quality and made the related rules and regulations in accordance with those of ISO quality certification system, and always implemented the principle, which ensures our success in gaining the above-mentioned certificate, marking that the production management and products quality of Hefei Haiming Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. have reached the international standard, and the latter and its services have been up to a higher level. All in all, it is not only the effective method to strengthen quality management and improve products quality, but also laid the foundation for our company to step into coordinated fields in all industries. 

In recent years, in order to improve the products and service quality, make clear job responsibility, guarantee the standardization, institutionalization, systematization and standardization in company management, and  in order to furtherly improve our market competitiveness, strengthen the enterprise vitality, better participate in the market competition, better provide customers with excellent technical services, and with great efforts of all the staff and in accordance with requirements of GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001: 2008 standard, we have accumulated over ten years of experience and technology in system execution, have made all staff participate in this process and gained great attention of our leaders, and eventually we set up the mechanism for continuous improvement.     

Certification and audit personnel of ZJQC came to our company for quality management system audit, and successively carried out internal audit, management review, two audits of external site, and gave rectification advice to those items that do not comply with on-site examination. With personal interview, on-site investigation, and records view, the audit team conducted on-site evaluation to our management and production and detection departments, and presented satisfication to the normal operation of our management system. The team hold that the leaders of our company have clear mind, our company pays great attention to the construction of the quality management system, the staff has higher quality, our company has complete test and detection instrumens and equipment, better control in quality, outstanding executive force, good working atmosphere of incentive mechanism, and meanwhile they suggested that our company should set up quality goal and index in functional departments to fully play the role of objective indicators and performance appraisal. With the comprehensive analysis to the on-site audit, the team made a decision to pass the audit and suggested the certification authority to approve it.