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HAIMING product gained the qualification certificate of "New High-tech Product"

Recently, Haiming Technology has gained the qualification certificate of "New High-tech Product" (Product name: ICS-ST mining electronic belt scale) issued by Anhui Science & Technology Department.  


According to "Decision of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Councilon of Strengthening Technical Innovation, Developing High Technology and Realizing Industrialization" (Zhong Fa 1999 No. 14 Document), new high-tech products should comply with the designated fields in "the New and HighTechnology Areas with the Government's Primary Support", "Directory of China's New High-tech Products"  (2006 version), and "Export Directory of China's New High-tech Products" (2006 version). The declared products should be those new products identified by natinal authorization department or inspected and approved by the market. The clear intellectual property rights, mature technologies, great market potential, better economic, social and environmental benefits of the products should be in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development. In addition, products and their productive process should meet the demands of the national industrial policy, safety and environmental protection.    

Prepared with complete application materials, and strictly investigated by Science & Technology Bureau in High-tech Zone and Anhui Science & Technology Department, the mining electronic belt scale of Haiming Technology eventually gained the qualification certificate of "New High-tech Product",  

It is of great significance for enterprises to protect their own products, furtherly improve their capability of independent innovation, promote the upgrading development of high-tech industries, strengthen their competitive advantages, and export their products for international competition etc.